Who is Flow Media?

Flow Media was established in 2015 to help organizations tell deeper, more engaging stories and craft clearer messages for their audiences.

Courtney Ball

Courtney Ball, CEO

Courtney is an original owner and co-founder of Flow. He is an evocative writer and public speaker. His storytelling is marked by authenticity, empathy, and a true appreciation for the diversity of human experience.

Courtney is also the creator and editor of Corridor Characters.

Adam Orton, Creative Director

Adam Orton is an accomplished filmmaker with experience as a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and editor. Adam has been leading projects for Flow since 2017 and was named Creative Director starting January of 2019.

Adam also directed the feature film Amelia 2.0 and teaches filmmaking on the side.

Extended Flow Team

Part of Flow’s mission is to grow and strengthen the community of filmmakers in eastern Iowa and surrounding regions. While Courtney and Adam lead Flow, focusing on delivering the highest-quality art that matches our customers’ goals, many Flow projects involve crew members pulled from the Midwest’s deep well of talented filmmakers.

Olivia Harding

Administrative +
Marketing Assistant

Owner and operator of Olivia Katherine Photography. Olivia assists with the back end of our video shoots, scheduling, contracts, and all of our social media.

Ben Statler

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of North Bend Studios. Ben assists Flow in the filming and post productions processes.

Skyler Knutson

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of Skyler Knutzen Videography & Photography. Skyler assists Flow in the post production processes.

Hannah White


Owner and operator of Hannah White Photography. Hannah assists us with behind the scenes photos and branding photos for your company.

Benjamin Handler

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of Benjamin Handler, Cinematographer & Colorist. Benjamin assists with our production and post production processes.

Caleb Condit + Rebecca Norden

Photography + Video

Owner and operators of Pilsen Photo Co-op based in Kansas City. Caleb and Rebecca assist with location based film projects, photography, and post editing processes.

Josh Booth

Videographer + Editor

Owner and operator of Diamond Label Films. Josh assists with our video production and post editing processes.

Beau Batterson

Videography + Editing

Producer and screenplay writer of The Last Minute Till Midnight. Beau assists flow on set and in post production processes.