About Flow

Flow Media was established in 2015 to help organizations tell deeper, more engaging stories and craft clearer messages for their audiences.

Courtney Ball, Owner

Flow Media is the production company owned by media producer Courtney Ball. Flow was established in 2015 and has evolved through the years to focus on social good videos and storytelling. Most of Flow’s clients today are nonprofits who ask me to help them create compelling fundraising videos or effectively share the story of their important work.

Flow is also the production company Courtney uses for narrative and story-focused content such as short films and mini-documentaries. To see Courtney’s writing or photography, visit CourtneyBall.com.

Creative Partners

While Courtney leads Flow, focusing on delivering the highest-quality art that matches our customers’ goals, most Flow projects involve crew members pulled from the Midwest’s deep well of talented filmmakers.

Adam Orton

All Things Film/Video

Adam Orton is primarily a director, but he is skilled in most aspects of filmmaking, including writing, computer animation and music composition.

Josh Booth

Videographer + Editor

Owner and operator of Diamond Label Films. Josh assists with our video production and post editing processes.

Ben Statler

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of North Bend Studios. Ben assists Flow in the filming and post productions processes.

Benjamin Handler

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of Benjamin Handler, Cinematographer & Colorist. Benjamin assists with our production and post production processes.

Olivia Harding

Photography, Production Assistant

Owner and operator of Olivia Katherine Photography. Olivia assists with production planning and on-set photography.

Skyler Knutson

Videography + Editing

Owner and operator of Skyler Knutzen Videography & Photography. Skyler assists Flow in the post production processes.

Juan Gomez

Videography + Editing

Co-owner of We Are Young Creatives. Juan is often on set with Flow, helping with camera, audio, or other aspects of production.

Hannah White


Owner and operator of Hannah White Photography. Hannah assists us with behind the scenes photos and branding photos for your company.