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…show off my city or region to support tourism, economic development, or real estate.

You know how much your community has to offer, but how do you show others? Are statistics going to do the trick? Probably not for most of your audience members. If you want them to feel how good life is in your part of the world, show them through video. Flow can help; contact us today.

130,000 Souls

The Cedar Rapids Police Department asked Flow to craft a message to the community that conveyed how they felt about their work. The video was also to be used as a tool in their recruitment efforts, helping introduce new officers to the community and set the tone for the culture of the [...]

People and Place

The Iowa City community is an incredibly special place. Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS® asked us to capture the spirit of the people and places they serve to help introduce potential home buyers to the region. Produced by Courtney Ball and Gabe Erickson. Edited by Gabe Erickson.

From Iowa With Love

Cedar Rapids, IA has been home to a large Muslim community for well over a century. Flow Media created this video to share stories of the strong friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims during an election season that often contained divisive, anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Wellington Heights

Wellington Heights is often referred to as the “ghetto” of Cedar Rapids, rarely receiving favorable news coverage. Knowing that the neighborhood in fact has many positive attributes and is loved by many of its residents, Flow created this video to help counter the dominant narrative.