Tools to Help your Video Message Stand Out

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“Pale, stale, and male.”

That’s how a friend of ours described most marketing for law offices. That, or “sleazy”. Not exactly the messages our client, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, wanted to convey when they asked Flow to help them introduce their firm through video.

We love a challenge, especially if it involves going beyond convention and getting to craft something truly creative. When we did our deep dive with S&I, we learned how important teamwork is to their organizational culture. It’s a core value for them.

In order to convey the power of that value, we turned to metaphor. A rowing crew seemed like a natural and visually beautiful representation of teamwork. Those images paired with a well-crafted script helped introduce Shuttleworth in a completely unexpected but utterly fitting piece of art.

To top it off, the video won Shuttleworth’s marketing team a “Best In Class” award from the regional American Advertising Federation. Watch below.

How do we make it not boring?

Big Imprint Web Design knew that showing people at computers designing websites would not make for exciting video. They turned to Flow to introduce Big Imprint in a “not boring” way.

We asked ourselves, what design process mirrors the same thoughtfulness Big Imprint puts into websites, but looks more interesting? Eventually we landed on furniture design and found a creative local maker named Candice Luter to lend her talents to the video.

To tie it all together, we had Ethan and his team at Big Imprint actually treat Candice like they would a client, talking through her web marketing needs and offering to help her with design.

Check out the results below.

It’s about people, not books.

Libraries have always been about so much more than books. That’s never been more true than today. Libraries give people the tools they need to expand their worldview. The best libraries serve as centers for community connection, growth and development.

When you talk to librarians about why they do what they do, you quickly learn that they’re more concerned with the stories of the people they serve than the stories sitting in their collection. This video was a fun way to introduce what a library does without simply having staff talk about programs and services.

By definition, the conventional approach does not stand out. If you want your message to captivate your audience, you’ll have to get creative. Use tools like metaphor, analogy, and visual story to break free from the expected. Believe us, your audience will appreciate it.

If you want help making your messaging stand out, especially through video, contact Flow today. We love this kind of work!

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