Ten Year's Strong - IWLC

Making an organization that lasts more than ten years is a huge accomplishment. But rather than tout their achievements, Iowa Woman Lead Change asked us to make a ten year anniversary video that shared an empowering, forward-looking message for their constituents.

We knew this concept was risky, that if it wasn’t done well it would look terrible. Luckily, IWLC has always been the kind of client who encourages us to be bold and creative. We felt it paid off well with this video.

Written, directed, and edited by Adam Orton.

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"Pulling Together" - Shuttleworth and Ingersoll

“Pale, stale, and male,” Our friend said. “That’s what I think of when it comes to law firm advertising.” Shuttleworth and Ingersoll could have gone the traditional route, especially as one of the oldest legal establishments in Iowa. But they were open to something different.

When we interviewed their leadership, they talked a lot about the value of teamwork, community, and a willingness to take on hard things. True to these values, they also stressed the importance of sending a message of care and encouragement to their audience. Whatever a person dreams, whatever he or she faces, the people at Shuttleworth and Ingersoll know that we can all do so much more with the support of a great team.

"Just Right for Me" - Theatre Cedar Rapids

"My Fair Lady" - TV Commercial - Theatre Cedar Rapids

"Elf: The Musical" - TV Commercial for Theatre Cedar Rapids

NEWBO - The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative

For their Iowa Startup Accelerator launch night, NewBoCo asked Flow to create a video that could both set the tone for the launch event and also be used afterward to communicate the NewBoCo brand through social media.

Creative Direction: Courtney Ball
Script: Courtney Ball
Cinematography: Faraz Shah and Josh Booth
Editing: Josh Booth