“I need Flow’s help to…

…powerfully introduce my organization to the people who need to know us most.”

Every organization is unique and must speak effectively to its own audience in an authentic voice. Below is a diverse set of videos Flow created to help each client powerfully share who they are in a way only they could. If you’re ready to connect to your audience in a way that only you can, and you want Flow’s help to do it well, contact us today.

More Life – The Ghosh Center

The Ghosh center provides one of a kind care for cancer and blood disorders. They asked us to create a testimonial video of patients they have treated.   Created and Directed by Flow Media

Faith Academy

Faith Academy came to wanting to create a story they accurately portrayed the work they do and the community they build. We were happy to help visualize their story into an engaging and heartwarming video.

Mercy Bariatric Surgery

Mercy’s Bariatric Surgery Center asked Flow to craft a story around Abby who is one of many people who have been able to find relief through the Clinic and achieve her goals of becoming a police officer.

You Belong – St. Paul’s UMC

“First, let’s get one thing straight. You belong.” That central message of love and inclusion was what St. Paul’s United Methodist Church wanted to communicate to its community. It was a statement we loved helping them craft and visually bring to life. Creative [...]

130,000 Souls

The Cedar Rapids Police Department asked Flow to craft a message to the community that conveyed how they felt about their work. The video was also to be used as a tool in their recruitment efforts, helping introduce new officers to the community and set the tone for the culture of the [...]

On Our Own – Horizons

Horizons, A Family Service Alliance, chose Flow for our ability to connect with audiences emotionally. Rather than an explainer video listing out their services, what they most wanted to communicate to people was that they were not alone, that they should know it was okay to ask for help. [...]

Be Safe Meds

How do you make Sexually Transmitted Infections fun to talk about? BeSafeMeds tasked Flow with making a very delicate topic approachable, so potential patients would feel a little less anxiety about reaching out for help.  

Pulling Together – Shuttleworth & Ingersoll

“Pale, stale, and male,” Our friend said. “That’s what I think of when it comes to law firm advertising.” Shuttleworth and Ingersoll could have gone the traditional route, especially as one of the oldest legal establishments in Iowa. But they were open to something [...]

Big Imprint

When Big Imprint wanted a video about their web design company, they knew it would have to show more than designers sitting at computers. It needed to creatively capture the relationships they build with customers. It had to communicate their thoughtful approach to web design in a very [...]


For their Iowa Startup Accelerator launch night, NewBoCo asked Flow to create a video that could both set the tone for the launch event and also be used afterward to communicate the NewBoCo brand through social media. Creative Direction: Courtney Ball Script: Courtney Ball Cinematography: Faraz [...]

2016 Iowa Women Lead Change

Iowa Women Lead Change needed a video to get conference attendees in the right frame of mind as they contemplated their own leadership potential. Flow felt it important to demonstrate the diversity in strengths and types of leadership that women embody in Iowa.