“I need Flow’s help to…

…craft a fictional story.

We love stories told through film! Adam Orton, Flow’s Creative Director, is an experienced film director (from short to feature-length). Courtney Ball, Flow’s CEO, is a master storyteller. Flow is connected to filmmakers nationwide. We can build and run a crew to suit your project’s needs. Whether you want a narrative twist on your organization’s video, or you want help turning your script into a film to share with audiences, contact us today.

On Our Own – Horizons

Horizons, A Family Service Alliance, chose Flow for our ability to connect with audiences emotionally. Rather than an explainer video listing out their services, what they most wanted to communicate to people was that they were not alone, that they should know it was okay to ask for help. [...]

Be Safe Meds

How do you make Sexually Transmitted Infections fun to talk about? BeSafeMeds tasked Flow with making a very delicate topic approachable, so potential patients would feel a little less anxiety about reaching out for help.  

Ten Years Strong – IWLC

Making an organization that lasts more than ten years is a huge accomplishment. But rather than tout their achievements, Iowa Woman Lead Change asked us to make a ten year anniversary video that shared an empowering, forward-looking message for their constituents. We knew this concept was [...]