I’m not the Video Guy (You’ll see what I mean.)

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My strongest skills are relationship building and crafting powerful messages. I gladly let Adam (Flow’s Creative Director) and the other filmmakers we work with take on the difficult job of translating message and story into beautiful visuals.

But times are changing. With technology these days, anyone can make a video!

(Adam doesn’t know I’m writing this, and my bet is when he reads it, he’s going to freak out for a moment.) But seriously, look at the video below as illustration. In 2006, I didn’t have a decent camera, so I borrowed my in-laws’ camcorder to film my oldest daughter Anyssa’s first day of school (and Aidyn’s first day of preschool). Every year, I’ve recorded the same sequence of them leaving from and returning to the front door.

Last year, I had kind of forgotten to plan ahead, so I just pulled out my phone and captured the familiar sequence. When I compare the two clips, I am astounded by how much has changed in 12 years. Aside from the drastic difference in my daughters (!) I was shocked to see just how much better my old phone’s camera is than the one I had to borrow from my in-laws in 2006. I remember thinking back then, I’m so glad I can borrow their nice camera for this.

I run the risk of hurting Flow’s sales when I say this, but the truth is, sometimes a good story that connects with the right people is all you need. It didn’t matter how high quality the video was, when my wife watched the clip I just showed you, she burst into tears. In a few months, her firstborn child will leave home and move 1200 miles away to attend college. Not too hard to tap into that well of emotion.

But sometimes, you need more than your phone.

(Here’s where Adam breathes a sigh of relief.) True, the second half of that video above has higher definition, better color quality, and was way easier to transfer and edit than the 8mm cassette I recorded on in 2006. But the image was still shaky and not particularly well-composed. I put approximately zero thought into lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, makeup, or anything else besides, “Girls, I just remembered we still have to do the video thing this year!”

Check out 1:03 of our reel below.

Or, watch the whole thing. There are tons of great shots in there, but 1:03 is one of my favorites. That’s when you can see the rocket she just launched reflected in the girl’s safety glasses. Who thinks to create that shot?! Professional cinematographers, it turns out.

I sometimes joke that if we didn’t have a schedule to keep, Adam could spend an entire afternoon adjusting lighting for a single interview. That attention to quality and detail is what you get when you hire a professional video production company like Flow. Combine those visuals with a powerful message or story, and you have a formula that can blow your audience away.

Okay, so not every video needs to be cinema-level quality. But some do! When you want to put your best foot forward, or when you need to communicate an important message as powerfully as you can, who are you going to turn to?

Get ready…here comes the hard sell.

Do you have something important to share?

Ready to wow your audience?

If so, get in touch!

You can trust Flow to help.

Seriously, though, thanks for reading, watching, and letting me pitch Flow to you. I truly wouldn’t have the energy to sell something I don’t believe in. Flow has existed for almost three and a half years now, and I’ve never felt more confident in our ability to create amazing video. We get to keep doing this thoroughly enjoyable work because customers like you keep giving us opportunities.

For that, I have so much gratitude.

Courtney Ball,
Co-founder and CEO of Flow Media

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