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…raise money for an important cause.

The most effective fundraisers know how to motivate donors with a powerful story and a clear call to action. They understand that a significant investment in storytelling can reap huge rewards for their cause from generous people looking to be part of an exciting movement. If you want to raise more money to support an effort you believe truly matters, contact us today.

Cultivate Hope

Matthew 25’s Cultivate Hope summer youth program brings high school students together for several weeks to: 1) work on Matthew 25’s urban farm, 2) learn about food systems, and 3) build relationships among a highly diverse group of people. Cinematography: Courtney Ball Editing: Gabe [...]

Ten Years Strong – IWLC

Making an organization that lasts more than ten years is a huge accomplishment. But rather than tout their achievements, Iowa Woman Lead Change asked us to make a ten year anniversary video that shared an empowering, forward-looking message for their constituents. We knew this concept was [...]


For their Iowa Startup Accelerator launch night, NewBoCo asked Flow to create a video that could both set the tone for the launch event and also be used afterward to communicate the NewBoCo brand through social media. Creative Direction: Courtney Ball Script: Courtney Ball Cinematography: Faraz [...]

2016 Iowa Women Lead Change

Iowa Women Lead Change needed a video to get conference attendees in the right frame of mind as they contemplated their own leadership potential. Flow felt it important to demonstrate the diversity in strengths and types of leadership that women embody in Iowa.